Project Description

‘Armenia and Karabakh,’ at 320 pages, is one of our larger design projects. Our work on this award-winning book illustrates our ability to work collaboratively with our clients on layout and custom design. Here, we created a book with 150 photographs that showcases a design that uses the words and photography of our client elegantly. We accomplished this by dedicating one designer to work side-by-side with our client throughout the design and the layout.

This collaborative effort allowed our designer to create an appealing book with a unique design that highlighted and emphasized, but never overshadowed, the author’s artistic vision. The original design elements included tabs, charts, and color coding that serve as a unique branding for this title and set it apart in a crowded marketplace of books. The front cover captures the attention of book browsers; the back cover helps persuade the browser to buy.

Fueled in part by an effective and clean design, ‘Armenia and Karabakh’ quickly became a best-selling title among books about Armenia. Shortly after its publication in 2013, the Los Angeles Times called the book “a fresh view on ancient Armenia.”